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original drawingSketch/drawing of crocodile motif earring jewelry combine with semi precious stones
original drawingSketch/drawing of crocodile motif pendant jewelry combine with semi precious stones
All of our jewelry came trough from our original sketch/drawing. Some of them look like this pictures as we keep our originality of silver jewelry design. The nature and Balinese environment has inspired us to pouring it into shape of jewelry.

waxing processFile A Wax-Block pictures
wax cleaningCarved the mold of wax with small steel tool to make a jewelry motif
The wax worker must match their work with the original drawing. They must make it as precise as they can to keep the original design.With small steel tools they form the wax into the shape that they been given trough the original drawing. The wax result is really fragile thing. Left: The worker making the mold of Balinese motif jewelry sample.

Casting MachineCentrifugal casting machine(part of casting process)
Casting result
The result after the wax sent to casting machine
After wax mold finished, then it sent to casting machine to make the silver mold(master). The master contain mix ingridients of silver and alloys. We only make 92.5 grade of silver that named sterling silver, contain of 92.5% silver and alloy for rest of it. It's take an expert staff to do this part because it's really crusial for the final result of silver jewelry.

Silver Jewelry Chasing The silversmith chasing the silver
Silver Jewelry ChasingFile down the shape of the silver
The silversmith works with their tools to make the silver into their real shape of silver jewelry. Many steps has been taken according how difficult the jewelry it is. Chasing is a method of creating lines of a pattern along the surfaces of the metal by using a small steel tool. Filing down the silver surface to make it into good shape of jewelry.

Silver Jewelry AnneallingTrough anealling process we can joining the silver bowl
Silver Jewelry AneallingJoining another part of silver jewelry; Above: joining between silver chain and the silver bead
Annealling process is softening metal with heat further before you work on it. For silver the annealing temperature is between 1110-1200F (the melting point of silver is 1635F).


» Over 1000 models from which to choose
» Our silver is .925 pure sterling
» Available in different color of stones
» We can create custom designs especially for you
» All our Original designs are registered and copyrighted
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